Your Life Changes When Your Mind Changes

It seems obvious when you think about it. Your experiences in life really take place in your mind. It’s how and what YOU think that makes life a struggle or a pleasure. It is YOUR beliefs about what you think is possible — or not — that determines whether you take action to get what you want, or just give up before starting.

Your habits, self-defeating patterns and bad choices almost seem to have a life of their own that you can’t control. That’s because they are rooted in the unconscious mind. They are programs that play automatically and make it seem that the world “out there” is keeping you from happiness. The truth is, you are keeping yourself from experiencing that happiness; from living life powerfully and enjoying the success you deserve.

Professional, therapeutic hypnosis works at a deep, subconscious level to change those powerful, automatic programs that make real change seem impossible. For over 14 years, The Meridian Center has been Southern California’s trusted provider of therapeutic hypnosis services. Founded in 2000 by Doctor Bobbie McDonald, Meridian Center practitioners have helped thousands quickly change in ways they never thought possible. Whether you want to tackle common problems like quitting smoking or losing weight, or you have some specific and unique issue that you need help with, it’s time to call The Meridian Center for Hypnosis. Our highly-trained and skilled practitioners can help you make the positive changes you want.