Hypnosis is the Powerful Way to Breathe Easy As A Non-Smoker

What To Expect

Our smoking cessation program begins with understanding the details of your habit, so we spend a substantial amount of time discussing past cessation attempts, triggers, and even determining if you are truly in a place in your life where you are ready to quit.

We then spend some time explaining how hypnosis works in greater detail so you can feel comfortable witht he process.

If, after we’ve had  a chance to talk and you decide you want to continue, we will perform your customized hypnosis session.

In all, you should plan to spend anywhere from an hour and a half to two hours for the entire process.

What If You Don't Quit?

We pride ourselves on an excellent track record with our smoking cessation program. If for any reason you need further hypnosis, you can return up to two more times during the year following your initial smoking cessation session.

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Learn How Smoking Is A Habit… And Habits Can Change.

For over 15 years, The Meridian Center’s powerful, hypnosis and NLP-based program has been Southern California’s trusted method for breaking the smoking habit.

This program works because smoking is a habit more than a physical addiction; and changing habits is what our programs do best.

If you think about your smoking habit, chances are you have certain patterns you follow; times of day you smoke or certain circumstances that make you want to smoke. This is what keeps you trapped. Your subconscious mind has been conditioned to smoke for various reasons and we always follow what our subconscious minds know.

If you’re tired of trying to battle your subconscious habit — the one that keeps you going back to cigarettes again and again — change that deep-level pattern quickly by calling us now at 877-743-8935.

How Did Laurie Finally Quit Smoking?

*The testimonial above is from a real Meridian Center client, however her results may not be considered common or expected and we can not guarantee that you will meet with equal success.

Graph showing how hypnosis is 300% as effective as the patch.